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How We Prioritize Your Safety at Splash RV Resort

Safe RV Parks in Florida | Splash RV Resort

Safety concerns while traveling are common. According to Global Rescue, 87% of people have travel safety concerns. While this statistic takes into account international travel, it’s notable nonetheless. And we know that traveling by RV can bring a specific set of concerns. At Splash RV Resort, we understand these unique concerns and take specific and proactive measures that ensure your safety is our top priority.

In this post, we will highlight the ways we prioritize: 

Splash RV Resort: a Safe RV Resort in Florida

Guest Safety

How We Prioritize Your Safety at Splash RV Resort

At Splash, we’re all about an expectation-surpassing experience and that starts with safety. To enjoy your time as a guest, you have to feel secure to do so! We do just that through the following guest safety measures:

  • Splash RV Resort is gated, offering one way out and one way in. The main entry is monitored, and those not staying at the property are not permitted access. 
  • Guest Wristbands are great for pool-side convenience, but more than that, they indicate registered guests so our staff can easily identify if someone is on the property without permission. 
  • Coded bathhouse doors ensure guest privacy for those staying in our Conestoga Wagons. Only those staying at the Wagons are permitted access to the bathhouses in the designated Conestoga Wagon area. 

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Groundskeeping & Landscaping Safety

How We Prioritize Your Safety at Splash RV Resort

Often overlooked by other RV parks and campgrounds is prioritizing safety around groundskeeping and landscaping. Here at Splash RV Resort, you can expect expertly manicured green spaces, concrete roads free of debris (even following storms), and trees trimmed meticulously, especially around the RV spots to ensure no obstructions are present that could cause RV damage while still providing shade. 

Additionally, we offer daily trash pick-up to keep wildlife at bay and the park clean. These intentional measures reduce risk—from parking your RV to walking and biking around the property! 


Additional Safety Measures

How We Prioritize Your Safety at Splash RV Resort

Finally, we don’t stop at guest safety or even at the safety of our roads and open spaces. Two additional safety measures you will find when you stay at Splash RV Resort are on-site security and ample lighting at night throughout the park. These two measures, coupled with the priorities of our staff to keep you and your family safe, create an environment that enhances the safety and security of the entire property. 

Here are what recent guests have noted when it comes to safety and security at Splash RV Resort:

  • “Splash RV Resort felt very safe for my kids to be out playing!” — Ross G.
  • “Great landscaping and beautiful trees that are trimmed and kept up for high RVs.” — The Promiseland Farm
  • “We were escorted to our RV site and then asked if we wanted the site blown off to remove tree debris. First-class service all the way.” —Dana C. 
  • “We all felt super safe walking about the property.” — Lilly B. 

Travel concerns are normal. But they don’t have to stifle your desire to see and experience new places. Instead, you can turn your concerns into precautions—and book accommodations that prioritize your safety. 

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