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Why Splash RV Resort is Perfect for Travel Teams with Tournaments on the Gulf Coast

Top Accommodations for Travel Teams near Pensacola, FL | Splash RV Resort

Travel Teams offer so much to the growth of young athletes through increased skill development, higher levels of competition, and potential exposure to advancement in their sport through the opportunities that Travel Teams present. Travel Teams also foster strong friendships among teammates through the camaraderie that accompanies frequent travel as it’s a bonding experience! At Splash RV Resort, we know just how important the right accommodations are for Travel Teams. And since we’re just 25 minutes from Pensacola—home to many tournaments and competitions from baseball to competitive cheerleading—we want to host your team during the next Gulf Coast tournament! 

In this post, we will highlight why Splash RV Resort is the perfect landing spot for Travel Teams with tournaments on the Gulf Coast. We’re among the top accommodations for travel teams because of our: 

Top Accommodations for Travel Teams near Pensacola, FL

Proximity to Pensacola

Top Accommodations for Travel Teams near Pensacola, FL | Splash RV Resort

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Principle in booking accommodations for Travel Teams is proximity to the tournament venue. We’re located just 25 minutes from Pensacola, minimizing travel time and logistical hassles for teams as they spend the day at the game or competition site. We know affordability in accommodations is also a key for Travel Teams—as the gear, participation fees, and more add up—so you can skip the rate-hiked hotels and opt to stay at a cost-effective rate instead when you stay at Splash!


Varied Stay Options

Top Accommodations for Travel Teams near Pensacola, FL | Splash RV Resort

The unique (& super valuable!) aspect of booking Travel Team accommodations at Splash RV Resort is the varied stay options available on the property. As Travel Team coaches or parents, you may have an RV that’s ready to hit the road. While others need a more traditional yet cost-effective option to stay! At Splash, we accommodate it all. Offering full hook-up RV spots (& RV rentals), Luxury Cottages, and Conestoga Wagons—the entire team can stay in a way that’s best for them. The best part? This enables teams to stay in one place, eliminating the need for teammates to stay separately due to their accommodation needs. For coaches, this is convenient and for the team, well, this is just more fun


Built-In Team Bonding

Top Accommodations for Travel Teams near Pensacola, FL | Splash RV Resort

Beyond participating in the tournament or competition, the team bonding that occurs for Travel Teams usually happens in the in-between moments on these weekends away! Rarely will your young athlete remember the outcome of the competition—but they will remember the time spent in Florida with their team.

At Splash, you will find all the built-in team bonding activities you could imagine for those in-between moments that make Travel Team tournaments such a joy. After the tournament or competition concludes, the team will love spending time at the pool, lazy river, arcade, and so much more that we have here at Splash—specifically for kids! 

At the end of the day, kids love to PLAY! While they work hard during their Travel Team tournaments or competitions, it’s also great to let them play hard once it’s all said and done for the weekend! Here at Splash RV Resort, we offer what Travel Teams need most—proximity, affordability (& varied stay options), and the FUN that kids crave after the tournament or competition concludes!

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