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Skip the Hotel: Stay at Splash RV Resort near Pensacola

Luxury RVing & Glamping on FL's Gulf Coast at Splash RV Resort

With so many accommodation options—especially in highly traveled destinations like the Gulf Coast—how do you choose where to stay? Location? Amenities? Budget? All of these are valid considerations. But is it just us or does booking accommodations often come with a trade-off? The location, but no amenities. Budget over the ideal location. And the list goes on. 

But what if there was a new way to stay? A better way that ticked every box of the perfect location, elevated amenities, and budget-friendly options (that don’t include that room with the view of a parking lot and dumpster). Do we have your attention? 

In this post, we will highlight why Splash RV Resort is the preferred place to stay near Pensacola. Here’s why you should skip the hotel, Splash offers: 

Why Splash RV Resort is the Preferred Place to Stay Near Pensacola

Unique Accommodation Options

Unique Accomodations | Skip the Hotel Stay at Splash RV Resort

One of the best parts about visiting the beach is enjoying the outdoors! At Splash, you’ll find accommodations that easily enable you to enjoy the gentle breeze and relax in a space promoting the laid-back lifestyle you seek on vacation. Say so long to hotel rooms with windows that don’t even open, and level up your stay in style instead.

We feature RV Camping (& RV Rentals), but beyond that, we have Luxury Cottages and Conestoga Wagons that include everything you need for an enjoyable and fun stay. The Luxury Cottages sleep up to 6 guests and feature a full kitchen, bathroom, and even a few extras like a fireplace. The Conestoga Wagons are a unique and fun option! Ideal for families, the wagons sleep up to 4 guests, featuring a king bed, and two bunk beds, and include both heat and air conditioning! While the wagons don’t offer bathrooms, they’re conveniently located near bathhouses that are clean and prioritize privacy.

If you’re ready to ditch that drab hotel room, we have an RV Spot, Luxury Cottage, or Conestoga Wagon with your name on it!


Adventure, Tailored to You

Adventure, Tailored to You | Skip the Hotel Stay at Splash RV Resort

Next, at Splash, you can pick your own adventure. Thoughtful amenities ensure that each guest has the experience they’re seeking.

For families seeking adventure, our resort includes: 

  • Two pools, both heated in cooler weather
  • A Water Park complete with slides and a Lazy River
  • An Arcade and a Splash Pad
  • Gaga Ball Court, Basketball Court, and Pickleball Courts

For couples of any age seeking a more relaxed experience, our resort includes:

  • An Adult-Only Pool, heated in cooler weather
  • A Tiki Bar and food service all day
  • Stunning Scenery with quiet sitting areas
  • Golf Cart Rentals 
  • Group Fitness Classes and a bustling activity schedule 

Our goal is to provide a top-tier experience for those visiting Florida! These amenities ensure that families and couples alike have the tailored experience they’re seeking!


Luxury, Resort-Like Experience

Luxury, Top Tier Experience | Skip the Hotel Stay at Splash RV Resort

Finally, here at Splash, you will find synergy and the ability to enjoy the outdoors through the campground-esque experience, paired with luxury amenities and exceptional customer service. These three elements create what we’re most passionate about—providing you and your family with memories to last a lifetime! 

We’re confident that you will find FUN, but also CARE. Here’s what Charles said of his recent experience, “10 out of 10 experience!!! Positive atmosphere with amenities that are second to none!”

If you’re tired of the trade-offs that come with booking accommodations near Pensacola, we’d love to invite you to stay a new way with us! 

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