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Camping with Kids is Easy at Splash RV Resort

Campgrounds for Families in Florida | Splash RV Resort

If you’re looking for a campground near you that caters to your kiddos, look no further than Splash RV Resort. Accessible from virtually anywhere in the Southeast with ease, we’re located in Florida’s panhandle and take camping and RV-ing to a whole new level. Not your average RV park, Splash is an RV Resort that prioritizes what families want on vacation in the Sunshine State—whether you plan to stay for a weekend or several weeks! 

In this post, we will highlight why camping with kids is easy at Splash RV Resort:

Campgrounds for Families on Florida’s Gulf Coast

Built-In Fun for Families

Campgrounds for Families in Florida | Splash RV Resort

Beyond the standard amenities offered at most campgrounds for families on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Splash RV Resort offers opportunities for built-in fun right here at our property. Here’s how Splash RV goes above and beyond for family fun through our amenities: 

  • We have two pools (with slides!), but have you seen our Lazy River?
  • We have basketball and pickleball courts, but we also have a Gaga Ball Court!
  • Better than any gaming console, we have an on-site Arcade!

We take fun seriously and take family fun to the next level with these added extras to keep the entire family entertained during your stay! 


Increase Quality Time Outdoors

Campgrounds for Families in Florida | Splash RV Resort

If you’re looking for a campground or RV resort near you, you’re likely seeking an increase in quality time—outdoors. One of the best aspects and biggest draws of a campground or RV resort experience is the ease of getting outdoors to enjoy nature! 

At Splash RV Resort, getting outdoors is easy and enjoyable, especially for families. Beyond the obvious (pools, slides, and lazy river!), we offer tons of manicured green space so kids can run and play in the shade or sunshine. If you love to walk or bike as a family, our all-concrete RV spots and paved roads make long walks or bike rides throughout the property leisurely and safe for all. If you prefer to cruise by golf cart, you can rent one when you get here! Additionally, parents and kids can enjoy evenings under the stars at a fire pit to roast marshmallows. No matter how you like to spend your time outdoors with your family, you can do it here at Splash RV Resort. 


Camping Essentials List for Kiddos at Splash RV Resort

Campgrounds for Families in Florida | Splash RV Resort

Finally, here are extra items to consider when packing for your kiddos before you come to Splash! Since we offer more for families than your typical campground and RV resort, here are things to add to your packing list:

  • Swim Towels 
  • Swim Essentials (swimsuits, goggles, pool toys, sunscreen, hats, etc.)
  • Costumes for themed-week events (depending on your stay dates, check the most up-to-date events & activities HERE)
  • Refillable Water Bottles (we have several complimentary refill stations throughout the park)
  • Kid-sized Camping Chairs (great for your campsite, the firepit, and the beach!)

These extra items for your kiddos ensure they’re ready for anything at Splash! 

When researching campgrounds near you, it’s important to consider that not all campgrounds, RV parks, or even RV resorts are created with the same care and consideration for the guest experience. Splash RV Resort strikes a perfect balance for those families ready to enjoy the outdoors, but with the elevated amenities that make vacations memorable! If you’re ready to elevate your campground experience (& next vacation), we have a spot waiting for you! 

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