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Why Splash RV Resort is the Best Florida Campground for Families this Summer

Best Florida Campgrounds for Families

Family travel in the summer months just makes sense. School’s out, the sunshine is here to stay, and that subtle urge to get out of the “norm” settles in. So, why would families opt NOT to travel in the summer? To ensure you TAKE that summer vacation in with your kiddos, we set out to address every reason a family wouldn’t travel in the summer — logistics, expense, and lack of activities — to ensure Splash RV Resort is the best Florida Campground for families during the year’s sweetest season. With summer right around the corner, we’re here to make booking your getaway to Florida’s panhandle a no-brainer!

In this post, we will highlight how we’ve elevated the traditional campground experience, leaving you and your family wanting s’more:

Best Florida Campground for Families

Logistics Made Simple

The Best Florida Campground for Families | Splash RV Resort

[Photo Credit: Jamie Kamber Photography]

The overwhelm that comes with air travel for families is real. Without even considering the investment of air travel—the experience of getting there (wherever there may be)—is littered with obstacles in the airport. Endless lines at security, boarding and deplaning down that teeny tiny aisle, middle seats, and dare we even say… layovers?

Luckily, driving is not only logistically easier, Splash RV Resort is located within 5 hours of several major cities, making the destination convenient to get to. Here are the approximate driving distances from surrounding major cities: 

  • Atlanta, GA — 5 hours
  • New Orleans, LA — 3 hours 15 minutes
  • Jackson, MS — 4 hours 15 minutes
  • Tuscaloosa, AL— 4 hours 20 minutes 

If you have an RV, hook it up and hit the road. No RV? Hit the road anyway because we have RV rental options available. No matter how you want to camp, we have a way to stay that’ll suit your style, complete with Conestoga Wagons and Luxury Cottages. 

When getting to your destination is a breeze, the stage is set for a great experience! 

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Cost-Effective for Families

The Best Florida Campground for Families | Splash RV Resort

[Photo Credit: @2veterans.onthemove]

Part of the allure of campgrounds and RV resorts over traditional hotels or even vacation rentals is the cost-friendly draw that’s unmatched. The accommodations keep your vacation budget happy (& allow it to stretch further than traditional stay options). But here are a few other ways we prioritize being cost-effective for families:

  • Meals: Plan meals and make them at your RV or Luxury Cottage with ease to save money on restaurants and eating out. Here’s a curated list of 35 Easy Camping Recipes from The Pioneer Woman.
  • Bring Your Own Booze (BYOB): Adult beverages can add up! Bring a cooler stocked with your favorites to enjoy at your RV site, Luxury Cottage, Conestoga Wagon, or fireside each evening to cut costs. Please note that coolers are not permitted at the pool deck, but there are plenty of locations on the property to sip and chill! 
  • Pet-Friendly: We welcome pets with open arms here at Splash RV Resort! Why not bring your four-legged friend along on vacation? Doing so saves money to board them or hire care while you’re away. Plus, they’re a part of your family and will love meeting new friends in our on-site fenced-in dog park, just for them! Check our Resort Policies to see how Pet Fees apply. 
  • Take Advantage of Free Entertainment: Splash RV Resort is located just 20 minutes from Navarre Beach! Pack your chairs, umbrella, sunscreen, and snacks to settle into a day under the sun! When the sun sets (or even before!), the activities and events are happening at Splash! More on that next…

Activities & Themed Weeks all Summer that Bring the Fun

The Best Florida Campground for Families | Splash RV Resort

[Photo Credit: Enchanted Parties Florida]

Beyond our luxury amenities, the summer months are PACKED with events and activities tailored to families. From weekly recurring events such as live music, pickleball matches, aqua fitness, bingo, and karaoke to special themed weeks that focus on engaging kids in activities all day long. The themed weeks vary by season (get the most up-to-date information HERE), but they range from Under the Sea to Pirates, Superheroes, and even Sharks! Many families plan their vacations around these themed weeks, based on their kiddo’s favorite theme, to partake in specific activities throughout the day based on the week’s theme!

The best part? Most all of these events and activities are INCLUDED* in your Splash RV Resort stay (*exceptions apply and are noted). That’s what you’ll find when you stay here, intentional touches that elevate your stay and enhance your time together!

While we could go on and on about why we think Splash RV Resort is the best Florida campground for families this summer, we’ll let Wendy’s experience speak for itself:

“We had an amazing time at Splash! Check-in was a breeze! The front desk ladies were VERY nice and helpful. This resort has it all: First and most importantly, COMPLIMENTARY COFFEE stations with creamer set up!! Also, ice water and fruit water stations are available! Heated pools, two slides, a lazy river, a hot tub, food trucks, and a tiki hut bar—all while great music is being played throughout the pool area. There is also a pickleball and basketball court. 

Every employee we encountered was very engaging and asked how we were and if we needed anything. The cleanliness of this park is next level! The bathhouses and laundry are spotless! During down/slow times, even the lifeguards are cleaning and wiping everything! The attention to detail didn’t go unnoticed by us. We will be back very soon and plan to bring more family and friends to let them Splash!

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